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2-EHA European Plants

An outlook of the where 2-EHA is produced in Europe and where to find alternative competitive sources.

As supply chains begin to stabilize and commodities chemicals are slowly dropping in price. Paint manufacturers and adhesives can purchase their much-needed resins at a substantially better values in comparison to 2021. One particular material, 2-EHA (2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate) has become scares in Europe due to force majeure, production issues, and much more. We will be looking at how 2022 will be stirring this acrylate regarding its price development and where to source it. To begin, let’s look back at the companies who create this chemical and what exactly happened in 2021.

2-EHA has 4 key players in Europe that synthesized this monomer. BASF located in industrial city of Ludwigshafen,Germany. Next is Arkema, which main plant is positioned in France. Then all the way up in Scandinavia we have Perstorp. Last but not least, Sibur which uses the Saint Peterburg port to export 2-EHA throughout the European market. To buy directly from these sources, normally a large order of a couple kilotons of material needs to be purchased. If you are looking to source quantities lower than 1 kiloton, skip to the last paragraph.

With respects to pricing in 2021, we saw how the average truck load of 2-EHA sold in Q1 went for around 2600-2800€ per metric ton FCA RDAM and slowly crawled upwards. Between Q2 and Q3, it reached 3100-3300€ per metric ton FCA RDAM. This price climbed topped out around 3400-3600 per metric ton FCA RDAM by the end of Q4. After a whole year of force majeure from the biggest players, we are seeing a decline for pricing during Q1 of 2022. There are many factors at play, but all can be summed up with one word, imports.

The demand for this acrylate is only increasing year after year and the capacity of production leaves much to be desired, this perfectly positions importers from driving down the price. As Same Chemicals has plenty of dedicated reliable sourcing, we are one of the factors helping the decreasing prices. Using our REACH certification, we import 2-EHA monthly in ISO containers and can gladly provide it in IBCs or drums. Are you buying 2-EHA regularly for your factory? Contact us with your request for this acrylate and others, such as butyl acrylate, 2-HEMA, and MMA.

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