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The Market Trend for 2-HEMA in Europe Q1

An overview of the versatility and uses of 2-HEMA as an alternative to other expensive acrylates.

As 2022 begins to open markets around Europe after the holiday season, the onslaught of ever dragging logistic delays in major ports like Rotterdam and Antwerp are finally diminishing. This is resulting in higher influx of chemical imports coming in from Asia and North America. Luckily for the EU market, pricing for many commodities like butyl acetate, which reached records highs during Q1 2021, are beginning to stabilize.

When it comes to the acrylates, the story is still not so clear. As of now, 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (2-HEMA) is consumed at lower rates compared to other alternatives that are produced locally within the EU. The reason being that legacy acrylate monomers like 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate (2-EHA), Butyl Acrylate, and Methyl methacrylate (MMA) have already well established formulations used in resin productions. The resins are then utilizing by manufacturing companies, for example coatings, who traditionally rely on a highly specific resins to keep their quality standards constant.

However, since the shortages in 2021, a large majority of chemical manufacturers have learned to reformulate their formulations to integrate more competitively priced acrylates. 2-HEMA has the flexibility of substituting different acrylate monomers, to a certain degree. The fact that substation is possible opens the door to further exploration in cutting cost. As an example, a fire broke out in a major 2-EHA plant located in Germany last October, which shot the pricing passed the 3500€/MT. All meanwhile, 2-HEMA is remaining stable in pricing and at a higher competitive rate.

The future of 2-HEMA looks bright as more companies evolve and rely heavily on their R&D departments to find cost savings. Resin manufacturers of two-component polyurethane, thermo setting acrylic, and pure acrylic resins have embraced this acrylate for its ultraviolet protection against the sun. Same Chemicals is a distributor of this versatile product with technical knowledge ready to assist any R&D department. From small scale operations to industrial complex production. If you are looking to save cost by integrating 2-HEMA in your formulation, contact us to collaborate.

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