The inks industry is a dynamic and innovative sector, integral to printing, packaging, and digital media. Modern ink formulations require precision and a deep understanding of chemistry to ensure vibrant colors, consistency, and performance on various substrates. Inks need to be quick-drying, resistant to fading, and environmentally friendly. Our comprehensive range of raw materials supports these needs, enabling our clients to produce high-quality inks for applications ranging from traditional printing to digital media.

Featured products

We provide a selection of high-quality raw materials tailored for the inks industry, empowering our clients to meet the evolving market demands with innovative, reliable, and cost-effective ink solutions.

Bio Styrene

Styrene Monomer

Alpha Methyl Styrene (AMS)


Butyl Acetate (BUTAC)

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Other products

Below you can find our complete portfolio of chemical products. SAME Chemicals supplies different packaging and qualities to several markets and with various incoterms.

Feel free to contact us when the product you search for is not on our list, since our options are not restricted to our standard product list.