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Bio Styrene


Bio-styrene is a biobased, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional styrene. Made from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane, it offers the same properties as traditional styrene, but with a lower carbon footprint. Its biodegradable properties allow it to break down naturally over time, releasing carbon back into the atmosphere as CO2 in a carbon-neutral process. Bio-styrene is a great choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and align with sustainable practices. Its biodegradable properties also make it a good option for products with a short life-cycle, and for products intended for disposal after a single use. Contact us to receive further information and pricing.

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Bio Styrene


Substance name

Styrene Monomer

EC no


CAS no





benzene, ethenyl- / benzene, vinyl- / cinnamene / cinnamenol / cinnamol / ethenylbenzene / ethylene, phenyl- / phenylethene / phenylethylene / styrene / styron / styropol (=styrene,inhibited) / vinylbenzene / vinylbenzol/ green styrene/ bio styrene

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